The EMERALD OPERATIONS, LOGISTICS & QUALITY databases contain scientific journals covering control of operations, logistics and quality. It is intended for scientists and professionals in the field.

The JSTOR ARTS & SCIENCE VI database is a digital archive containing top American journals from the social studies field. The VI collection contains 143 journals and 623,418 articles intended for scientists, professionals and students.

The JSTOR BUSINESS II database is a digital archive of leading American journals from the fields of economics, politics, law and psychology. It contains 66 journals and 236,487 articles.

The TAYLOR & FRANCIS BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT & ECONOMICS database allows access to information from 120 scientific journals from the Taylor & Francis publishing house from the fields of accounting, finance, trade, control and economics.

The Taylor & Francis e-books allows access to a collection of 3,700 selected e-books from the Taylor & Francis publishing house.

Tritius is a library system of ŠAUni library. Unregistered users are allowed to search in catalogue; registered users have, furthermore, access to register and renew borrowings, bookings etc.

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