Final thesis appendices - Klára Čížková - ŠAVŠ MB B-EM-BAS comb [term 9, year 4]

Basic information

Basic information about a final thesis

Type of thesis:
Bachelor thesis
ŠKODA AUTO na trzích států bývalé Jugoslávie
Thesis title:Škoda Auto a.s. on markets of former Jugoslavia
Written by (author):
Bc. Klára Čížková, DiS.
Thesis supervisor: Ing. Zuzana Hejhalová
Assignment completeness:
changes in assignment made by student have been confirmed by supervisor; student can no longer edit the assignment
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Final thesis appendices

The following table shows the appendices registered for the final thesis. To download the appendix click on the icon in the Appendix column.

Date of insertion
prezentace_obhajoby.xlsx (defence presentation)
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