Sylabus předmětu MKD - Suppliers Quality Management (ŠAVŠ - Sklad předmětů)

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Course title:
Suppliers Quality Management
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Course supervisor:
Ing. et Ing. Martin Folta, Ph.D.
Supervising department: Department of Logistics, Quality and Automotive Technology (ŠAVŠ)
Prerequisites for registration:
Time allowance:
full-time, 2/1 (hours of lectures per week / hours of seminars per week)
part-time, 0/12 (lectures per period / seminars per period)
Type of study: usual
Form of teaching:
lecture, seminar
Mode of completion and credits:
Exam (3 credits)
Course objective:
To acquaint students with all the major processes of building relationships with suppliers and with appropriate methods and tools for their development. Evaluation and selection of suitable suppliers, joint planning with suppliers, management maturity assessment of suppliers, supply verification of compliance, supplier performance evaluation, continuous improvement of suppliers and other topics are an integral part of this subject. In many real case studies from the automotive industry will be illustrated by examples of good and bad practice.
Course methods: -- item not defined --
Course content:
Supplier Management - the role of purchasing in organizations, the role of organizations in the supply chain, principles and the importance of cooperation with suppliers, partnerships with suppliers in the system standards (allowance 4/2)
Policy and strategy of suppliers relationship - policy elements and strategy of relations with suppliers (allowance 2/1)
Defining requirements for supplies and suppliers - process and use of QFD method (allowance 2/1)
Selection of appropriate suppliers and their evaluation - assessment of potential competence of suppliers, other criteria of supplier evaluation, communication with suppliers (allowance 2/1)
Joint planning with suppliers - quality of supply planning, economic planning with suppliers, process-oriented planning with suppliers (allowance 2/1)
Assessment of suppliers management System - audits of suppliers management systems, certification and self-assessment of suppliers (allowance 2/1)
Verification of conformity of supplies - starting points and characteristics of approaches, statistical acceptances of supplies, preconditions of effective and efficient verification of conformity of supplies (allowance 2/1)
Performance evaluation of suppliers - the importance, barriers, stage of creation of supplier performance evaluation methodology, alternative systems of performance evaluation of suppliers (allowance 2/1)
Communication with suppliers - the types, forms and content of communication, information systems in communication with suppliers, complaint procedures (allowance 2/1)
Continual improvement of suppliers - the essence and attributes of improvement, model project of improvement process with the suppliers, Six Sigma to improve the suppliers (allowance 2/1)
Motivating suppliers - forms and tools to motivate suppliers (allowance 2/1)
Administration with the suppliers - meaning and types of documents in management systems, control of documents and records and documents relating to suppliers (allowance 2/1)
Procedures of implementation and development of suppliers - the process of implementation and development of suppliers (allowance 2/1)
Learning outcomes and competences:
After completing the course, student:
-Will define the role of the organization and the purchasing process in the supply chain from a quality perspective on a partnership basis with suppliers
Will explain the supply and supplier requirements and will clarify the process of selection and supplier performance evaluation
Will identify the essence of quality improving in the supply chain and will suggest a model of supplier improvement process

Teaching methods and workload (hours of workload):
Type of teaching methodDaily attendanceCombined form
Direct teaching
     Attendance of lectures
28 h
0 h
     Attendance of courses/seminars/tutorials14 h
12 h
     Consultations with teacher (part-time form of study)
0 h
7 h
     Course reading and ongoing preparation
14 h
37 h
     Composing of individual (seminar) work
14 h
14 h
     Preparation for final oral exam14 h14 h
Total84 h
84 h
Assessment methods:
Requirement type
Daily attendanceCombined form
Active lecture/seminar/workshop/tutorial participation
10 %
0 %
Term paper
20 %
30 %
10 %
10 %
Final test
25 %
25 %
Final oral exam
35 %35 %
100 %
100 %
Course completion:
Active participation in the exercise.
Creating a successful defense of the semester work.
Successful completion of the final exam.
Support for combined/distance forms of study:
-- item not defined --
Reading list:
Language of instruction: Czech
NENADÁL, J. Management partnerství s dodavateli. Praha: Management Press, 2006. 315 p. ISBN 80-7261-152-6.

Language of instruction: Czech
NENADÁL, J. Benchmarking. mýty a skutečnost.: Mýty a skutečnost. 1st ed. Praha: Management Press, 2011. ISBN 978-80-7261-224-6.
LINDSTROM, M. Nákupologie.: Pravda a lži o tom, proč nakupujeme. 1st ed. Brno: Computer Press, 2009. ISBN 978-80-251-2396-6.
TOMEK, J. -- HOFMAN, J. Moderní řízení nákupu. 1st ed. Praha: Management Press, 1999. 276 p. ISBN 80-85943-73-5.
LUKOSZOVÁ, X. Nákup a jeho řízení. 1st ed. Brno: Computer Press, 2004. 170 p. ISBN 80-251-0174-6.
VÁVROVÁ, V. -- TOMEK, G. Řízení výroby a nákupu. Praha: GRADA, 2007. 384 p. ISBN 978-80-247-1479-0.
GROS, I. -- GROSOVÁ, S. Tajemství moderního nákupu. Praha: VŠCHT v Praze, 2006. 184 p. ISBN 80-7080-598-6.
Language of instruction: English
FOLTA, M. Problems Solving Model in Supply Chains. In CLC 2012: Carpathian Logistics Congress. 1st ed. Ostrava: TANGER, 2012, p. 446--453. ISBN 978-80-87294-36-9.
HUGOS, M. Essentials of Supply Chain Management. Canada: John Wiley and Sons, 2006. ISBN 0-471-77634-3.

Study plans:
-- item not defined --
Run in the period of:
Course tutor:
Teaching language: Czech, English
Room: Mladá Boleslav

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