Course syllabus INF - Informatics I (ŠAVŠ - WS 2019/2020)

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Course title: Informatics I
Semester: WS 2019/2020
Course supervisor: Ing. Martin Juhas
Supervising department: Katedra informatiky (ŠAVŠ)
Prerequisites for registration: not Bachelor state examination
Time allowance: full-time, 1/2 (hours of lectures per week / hours of seminars per week)
part-time, 0/8 (lectures per period / seminars per period)
Type of study: usual
Form of teaching: lecture, seminar
Mode of completion and credits: Exam (3 credits)
Course objective:
Give students informations about posibilities of using the most used office applications MS Office. Learn skills in using editor, spreadsheet and presentation application. Give students information about new trend in computer and information technology.
Course methods: -- item not defined --
Course content:
1.Basic terms of computers, history, operating systems (allowance 2/0)
2.Office applications, word processing (allowance 2/0)
3.Computer graphics, digital photography (allowance 2/0)
4.Computer presentation, creation of presentation, principles of presentation of computer presentation (allowance 2/0)
5.Databases, database systems (allowance 2/0)
6.Software, computer viruses, hardware, peripherals (allowance 2/0)
7.2MS Word (allowance 0/10)
a.Basic operations with documents
b.Text formatting
d.Content, index
e.Mail correspondence

8.MS Excel (allowance 0/10)
a.Basic operations
b.Addressing table cells, creating formulas
c.Creating lists, table cells formatting
d.Graphs, printing
e.Contingency table

9.MS Powerpoint (allowance 0/4)
a.Basic operations with files
b.Objects, animanitons, smartart
c.Graphs, video, sound
d.Attributs of presentation, timing of slides

Learning outcomes and competences:
After completing the course, student:
-Will create and format a table of formulas and calculations, create charts
-Will create and format text document
-Will identify components of a personal computer and their role for the use of a personal computer

Teaching methods and workload (hours of workload):
Type of teaching methodDaily attendanceCombined form
Direct teaching
     Attendance of lectures12 h0 h
     Attendance of courses/seminars/tutorials24 h8 h
     Course reading and ongoing preparation16 h26 h
     Ongoing evaluation18 h0 h
     Composing of individual (seminar) work0 h36 h
     Preparation for final test14 h14 h
Total84 h84 h
Assessment methods:
Requirement typeDaily attendanceCombined form
Term paper0 %55 %
Mid-term test(s)55 %0 %
Final test45 %45 %
Total100 %100 %
Course completion:
Exam - computer test
Individual work - MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint
Support for combined/distance forms of study:
Study guide for students for combined forms of study
Reading list:
Language of instruction: Czech
PECINOVSKÝ, J. Microsoft Office 2013.: Podrobná uživatelská příručka. 1st ed. Brno: Computer Press, 2013. ISBN 978-80-251-4102-1.
ŠIMEK, T. Office 2013 podrobný průvodce. 1st ed. Praha: Grada Publishing, a.s., 2013. ISBN 978-80-247-4731-6.
Language of instruction: English
MICROSOFT, M. Office 365 Training Center.  [online]. 2018. URL:

Language of instruction: Czech
BUDAI, D. -- POLZER, J. -- BROŽA, P. Bible Microsoft Office 2010.: Průvodce pro každého. 1st ed. Brno: Extra Publishing, s.r.o., 2010. ISBN 978-80-7413-118-9.
DANNHOFEROVÁ, J. 1001 tipů a triků pro Microsoft Word 2007/2010 + CD. 1st ed. Brno: Computer Press, 2011. ISBN 978-80-251-3439-9.

Study plans:
B-EMCZ Economics and Management, full-time form, initial academic year WS 2019/2020
B-EMCZ Economics and Management, full-time form, initial academic year WS 2019/2020
B-EMCZ Economics and Management, part-time form, initial academic year WS 2019/2020
B-EMCZ Economics and Management, part-time form, initial academic year WS 2019/2020
B-EMEN Economics and Management, full-time form, initial academic year WS 2019/2020
B-PM Průmyslový management, full-time form, initial academic year WS 2019/2020
B-PEMI Podniková ekonomika a manažerská informatika, full-time form, initial academic year WS 2019/2020
Run in the period of: SS 2018/2019, WS 2018/2019, SS 2017/2018, WS 2017/2018, SS 2016/2017, WS 2016/2017   (and older)
Course tutor: Ing. Vladimír Beneš, Ph.D. (examiner, instructor)
Ing. Martin Juhas (examiner, instructor, lecturer, supervisor)
Ing. Jan Lešetický (examiner, instructor)
Ing. Zdeněk Prášil (examiner, instructor)
Ing. Bohuslav Růžička, CSc. (examiner, instructor)
Ing. Jiří Šimon (examiner, instructor)
Mgr. Luděk Švejdar (examiner, instructor)
Ing. Linda Zárubová Volková (examiner, instructor)
Teaching language: Czech, English
Room: Mladá Boleslav, Praha

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