Course syllabus ITR - Innovative Trends in International Supply Chain Management (ŠAVŠ - Sklad předmětů)

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Course title: Innovative Trends in International Supply Chain Management
Semester: -- item not defined --
Course supervisor: Ing. David Holman, Ph.D.
Supervising department: Department of Production, Logistics and Quality Management (ŠAVŠ)
Prerequisites for registration: Bachelor state examination
Time allowance: full-time, 1/2 (hours of lectures per week / hours of seminars per week)
Type of study: usual
Form of teaching: lecture, seminar
Mode of completion and credits: Classified fulfillment of requirements (5 credits)
Course objective:
This course provides insights into planning and organization principles in Supply Chain Management, especially into innovative trends either in technological (Industry 4.0) or organizational (lean management, system thinking and sustainability) aspects with special focus on the automotive industry.
Course methods: Seminar-style tuition, excursions and guest lectures, case studies, international team work
Course content:
1.Introduction: Definitions, examples and goals of SCM (allowance 4/1)
2.Specifics of Supply Chain Management in the automotive industry (allowance 4/2)
3.Innovative organizational trends – Systems thinking (allowance 1/1)
4.Innovative organizational trends – Lean: principles, tools and its application (allowance 1/1)
5.Innovative organizational trends – Sustainability: economic, environmental and social aspects (allowance 1/1)
6.Innovative organizational trends – Transition between new SCM concepts (LARG, SSCM) (allowance 0/0)
7.Innovative organizational trends – New SCM concepts (SCM 2.0, WCM) (allowance 0/0)
8.Innovative technological trends – Industry 4.0 (allowance 1/1)
9.Performance management – Tools for Performance Management in SCM (allowance 1/2)
10.Invited lecture – actual situation in automotive (logistics, production, etc.) (allowance 1/1)
11.Excursions in practice (OEM, supplier or Logistics services provider) (allowance 0/4)
12.Excursions in practice (OEM, supplier or Logistics services provider) (allowance 0/4)
Learning outcomes and competences:
-- item not defined --
Teaching methods and workload (hours of workload):
Type of teaching methodDaily attendance
Direct teaching
     Attendance of lectures12 h
     Attendance of courses/seminars/tutorials24 h
     Course reading and ongoing preparation24 h
     Composing of individual (seminar) work32 h
     Composing of presentation24 h
     Preparation for final test24 h
Total140 h
Assessment methods:
Requirement typeDaily attendance
Active lecture/seminar/workshop/tutorial participation10 %
Term paper30 %
Presentation30 %
Final test30 %
Total100 %
Course completion:
Active lecture/seminar participation, working out and presentation of term paper, final TEST preparation.
Support for combined/distance forms of study:
-- item not defined --
Reading list:
Study plans:
-- item not defined --
Run in the period of: SS 2018/2019   (and older)
Course tutor: Ing. David Holman, Ph.D. (supervisor)
Teaching language: English
Room: Praha

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