Sylabus předmětu MK - Marketing Communication (ŠAVŠ - WS 2016/2017)

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Course title: Marketing Communication
Semester: WS 2016/2017
Course supervisor: Ing. Hana Jahodová, CSc.
Supervising department: Department of Marketing and Management (ŠAVŠ)
Prerequisites for registration: Marketing
Time allowance: full-time, 1/1 (hours of lectures per week / hours of seminars per week)
Type of study: usual, consulting
Form of teaching: lecture, seminar
Mode of completion and credits: Exam (3 credits)
Course objective:
To present and explain roles of marketing communications tools. Advertising, Public Relations, personal sale, sales promotion, direct marketing, sponsorship, event marketing and other new trends. Students are expected to understand importance of the marketing communications in a company and to excell basic skills in using those communication tools in practical project.
Course methods: Lectures and seminars, case studies analyses, final paper presentation.
Course content:
1.Relation of the Marketing Communication to the Marketing Mix, Basic Definitions
Integrated Marketing Communication
(allowance 0/0)
2.Communication Strategies and their Creation
Brand, Importance in Marketing Communication
(allowance 0/0)
a.New Trends in Brand Approaches

3.Company Identity, Image, and Company Reputation (allowance 0/0)
a.CI Importance for an Overall Company Communication
b.Reasons for CI Changes

4.Advertising and Sales Promotion (allowance 0/0)
a.Importance, Kinds, Efficiency, Evaluation
b.Media Market and Media Planning
c.Tools for Sales Promotion

5.Direct Marketing (allowance 0/0)
a.Importance, Kinds, Efficiency, Managing Customer Relations Communication

6.Public Relations (allowance 0/0)
a.PR Aims and Functions, Means and Forms
b.Media Relations, External and Internal Communication
c.Event Marketing

7.Personal Sales (allowance 0/0)
8.Sponsorship (allowance 0/0)
9.Selected Aspects of International Marketing Communication (allowance 0/0)
10.New Trends in Marketing Communication (allowance 0/0)
Learning outcomes and competences:
After completing the course, student:
-Will apply theory in creation of communication campaign of product/brand
-Will define and analyze target groups
-Will recognize and understand importance of integrated marketing communication in company

Teaching methods and workload (hours of workload):
Type of teaching methodDaily attendance
Direct teaching
     Attendance of lectures12 h
     Attendance of courses/seminars/tutorials12 h
     Course reading and ongoing preparation15 h
     Composing of individual (seminar) work25 h
     Composing of presentation10 h
     Preparation for final test30 h
Total104 h
Assessment methods:
Requirement typeDaily attendance
Active lecture/seminar/workshop/tutorial participation10 %
Term paper30 %
Presentation10 %
Final test50 %
Total100 %
Course completion:
After a successful course completion the student will be able to:
- Understand the importance and use of marketing communication within company marketing management
- Define and analyse target groups of the marketing communication
- Apply theoretical knowledge while implementing the follow-up of the communication mix of products and brands
- Understand the importance of media and media planning in the process of integrated marketing communication
- Explain the specifications of marketing communication in international environment
In order to get the classification and a given amount of credits, it is required to work out a semester work on an assigned topic in a given range - see the document in AIS. The semester work will be awarded with a point evaluation (max 50 points) and a credit which will enable to enrol for an examination date. The exam test consists of 5 questions with different point evaluation; max 50 points can be achieved. The resultant classification is a sum of points for the semester work and the written test.
Classification: 100 - 90 points - A
89 - 80 points - B
79 - 70 points -- C
Support for combined/distance forms of study:
-- item not defined --
Reading list:
Language of instruction: Czech
PŘIKRYLOVÁ, J. -- JAHODOVÁ, H. Moderní marketingová komunikace. 1st ed. Praha: Grada Publishing, a.s., 2010. 320 p. ISBN 978-80-247-3622-8.
FORET, M. Marketingová komunikace ve veřejné správě. 1st ed. Brno: Mendelova univerzita Brno, 2013. ISBN 978-80-7375-772-4.
KARLÍČEK, M. -- KRÁL, P. Marketingová komunikace.: Jak komunikovat na našem trhu. 1st ed. Praha: Grada Publishing, a.s., 2011. ISBN 978-80-247-3541-2.
Language of instruction: English
DE PELSMACKER, P. Marketing Communications.: A European Perspective. 4th ed. Edinburgh: Prentice Hall Press, 2010. ISBN 978-0-273-72138-3.
ROWLES, D. Mobile Marketing: How Mobile Technology is Revolutionizing Marketing, Communications and Advertising. London: Kogan Page, 2013. 280 p. ISBN 978-0-7494-6938-2.
FILL, C. Simply marketing communications. 1st ed. Harlow: Financial Times Prentice Hall, 2006. ISBN 978-0-273-70405-8.
The Handbook of Strategic Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communications. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2012. ISBN 978-0-07-176746-0.
MELEWAR, T C. Facets of Corporate Identity, Communication and Reputation. London New York: Routledge, 2008. ISBN 978-0-415-40528-7.

Language of instruction: Czech
BAACK, D. -- CLOW, K. Reklama, propagace a marketingová komunikace. Brno: Computer Press, a.s., 2008. 484 p. ISBN 978-80-251-1769-9.
HEJLOVÁ, D. Public relations. 1st ed. Praha: Grada Publishing, a.s., 2015. ISBN 978-80-247-5022-4.

Study plans:
Field of study B-EM-BAS Business Administration and Sales, full-time form, initial period WS 2015/2016, place of teaching Mladá Boleslav
Field of study B-EM-EOE Business Administration and Sales, full-time form, initial period WS 2015/2016, place of teaching Mladá Boleslav
Run in the period of: WS 2020/2021, SS 2019/2020, WS 2019/2020, SS 2018/2019, WS 2018/2019, SS 2017/2018 (and older)
Course tutor: Ing. Helena Cetlová (examiner, instructor, lecturer)
Ing. Hana Jahodová, CSc. (examiner, instructor, supervisor)
doc. Ing. Jana Přikrylová, Ph.D. (examiner, instructor, lecturer)
Teaching language: Czech, English
Room: Mladá Boleslav

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