Presentation of study programmes - Initial academic year selection

Application shows summary of individual study programmes, fields of study and tracks of individual faculties of the university. Select the initial academic year.


Initial academic yearPlace of teachingView
SS 2019/2020Mladá Boleslav
SS 2019/2020Praha
WS 2019/2020Mladá Boleslav
WS 2019/2020Praha
SS 2018/2019Mladá Boleslav
SS 2018/2019Praha
WS 2018/2019Mladá Boleslav
WS 2018/2019Praha
SS 2017/2018Mladá Boleslav
SS 2017/2018Praha
WS 2017/2018Mladá Boleslav
WS 2017/2018Praha
SS 2016/2017Mladá Boleslav
SS 2016/2017Praha
WS 2016/2017Mladá Boleslav
WS 2016/2017Praha
SS 2015/2016Mladá Boleslav
WS 2015/2016Mladá Boleslav
SS 2014/2015Mladá Boleslav
WS 2014/2015Mladá Boleslav
SS 2013/2014Mladá Boleslav
WS 2013/2014Mladá Boleslav
SS 2012/2013Mladá Boleslav
WS 2012/2013Mladá Boleslav
SS 2011/2012Mladá Boleslav
WS 2011/2012Mladá Boleslav
SS 2010/2011Mladá Boleslav
WS 2010/2011Mladá Boleslav
SS 2009/2010Mladá Boleslav
WS 2009/2010Mladá Boleslav
SS 2008/2009Mladá Boleslav
WS 2008/2009Mladá Boleslav
SS 2007/2008Mladá Boleslav
WS 2007/2008Mladá Boleslav
SS 2006/2007Mladá Boleslav
WS 2006/2007Mladá Boleslav
WS 2005/2006Mladá Boleslav
WS 2004/2005Mladá Boleslav
WS 2003/2004Mladá Boleslav
WS 2002/2003Mladá Boleslav
WS 2001/2002Mladá Boleslav